Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New C24 Spring Whitepaper

In conjunction with C24, I've just released a new C24 whitepaper titled: 

Extending Spring with C24 Integration Objects (iO): http://bit.ly/LvkfAK


Extending Spring with  C24 Integration Objects (C24  iO). This whitepaper reviews the power of combining  two enterprise software products from C24 Technologies (C24) and SpringSource. Working together, these products provide highly robust,  scalable and maintainable Java application and data integration platform tools aimed at enterprise business solution development. SpringSource has partnered with C24 to  extend Spring with native message processing capabilities for specialist binding, validation and transformation. This paper will demonstrate a harmony between C24 and SpringSource products by exploring the offerings from each company and strength  of the natural technical relationship between them.  Through technical insight,  it will become clear  how the combination of these products can help the enterprise gain a key competitive advantage through low-cost, best-in-class, rapid solution delivery.

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